Mother Nature Is Not A Friend Of 201 Nation and Forces Halloween 50 To Cancel

Mother Nature Is Not A Friend Of 201 Nation and Forces Halloween 50 To Cancel

Sitka, Kentucky (October 2, 2015) Mother Nature is NOT a race friend 201 Nation. After a week of being on pins and needles while monitoring race track conditions versus the radar, it is clear that sadly our 4th Annual Halloween 50 event for October 2nd has to be cancelled.

This is the longest running tradition race Jarrod Breeding and crew hold and this is not the outcome we wanted. We want to thank all of our fans and drivers who have supported us leading into this event and all year long. In a year that has seen so many dirt tracks closing its gates for good, we have to say 201 Speedway has the most loyal drivers and supporters that we could ever ask for. You have stuck by us through the struggle of battling a very hard season economic wise and helped us fight to have some wonderful night on the clay regardless of how hard it was to make it happen, we appreciate it more than you will ever know. Our goal is to work hard to find every avenue possible to make things grow and improve as the winter season creep upon us. We wish all racers the best of luck as they close out 2015 and make their 2016 plans!

Not only does 201 Speedway want to continue to congratulate our 4 2015 Points a champions, but we also want to give our deepest appreciation and congratulations to the Top 5 in each class. These men were among the most dedicate drivers in eastern Kentucky and it is talent and dedication such as that, which keeps the track up and running. Without our weekly racers 201 Speedway could not continue its strong tradition of unforgettable racing! 

Chris Combs
Brandon Fouts
Stephen Breeding
Terry Hicks
Charlie Jude

Ervin Vance
Jason Hall
Jody Puckett
Scott Lemaster
Kevin Hall

Brandon Hutchinson
Jason Hall
Chris Blanton
Logan Burke
Zach Howell

Chandler Belcher
Troy Smith
Ben Belcher
Matthew Norman
Mark Jude 

201 Speedway is located at 5434 Route 201 in Sitka, just minutes from Paintsville, Kentucky. For additional information concerning 201 Speedway, contact the track office on race day at (606) 265-5201 or visit the track’s official website located at

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